Debris clean up (Concrete, wood, metal)

Following further communications between County and State officials, property owners are cleared to begin the debris removal process. The process is currently broken into three components: 1) metal; 2) concrete; and, 3) ash and rubble. Efforts have been focused on resolving issues in the sequence in which debris will be cleared, starting with the metal and concrete.

1) Metal can be removed from the debris, washed on site, and taken to the designated staging area(s) for removal by recycling companies.


2) Concrete can be removed from structures and piled on site, pending further developments. At this point, the SLV Landfill cannot accept the concrete without testing for asbestos.


3) Ash and rubble can be wet down and piled on site. Currently, the SLV Landfill can accept this material only if it is treated as asbestos contaminated, which means that it must be dampened, and double wrapped in 6 ml poly. At this time the Landfill can only accept the material if it is prepared in this manner and labeled. You will also need a “manifest” for having it hauled to the Landfill.

For your own safety it is very important that you wear the appropriate protective equipment: N-95 mask, zip-up Tyvex suits, gloves and tape around wrists and ankles if you are going to be working with debris. According to OSHA, any contractors who are involved in the debris removal process will be required to have employees wear this protective equipment and all homeowners are encouraged to do the same for their own protection.  You should avoid having the ash dust get in your eyes, on your skin or in your lungs.


If your home was built between 1990 and 2018 you can contact a Registered Asbestos Consulting Firm that can help you (the homeowner) provide testing results and other documents to CDPHE to try and get exempt from the process of wetting the ash and wrapping it in plastic before it can hauled to the landfill.

Registered Asbestos Consulting Firms 


If you have a home built prior to 1990 or if you want to start the ash removal process as soon as possible, you can contact a General Abatement Contractors.  These contractors have the roll-off containers, the plastic lining, the PPE and the experience to do this work.  Homeowners are encourage to contact them to get a price quote and timeline for ash debris removal.

Colorado General Abatement Contractors


Debris clean up/Management

Regional Landfill (Jim Clare) – (719) 850-0072

Colorado Baptist Disaster Relief – (720) 438-9312

Crisis Cleanup- (719)270-1528



Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that has been added into thousands of various types of building materials to add fire resistance, strength, and durability. Asbestos-containing materials may be part of your building-especially if it was constructed before the 1970’s. A number of local, state, and federal regulations cover the handling and disposal of debris potentially contaminated with asbestos.


State Regulations- Disposal and Handling of Ash and Debris


Disposal Notification Form


How to properly use masks


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